Our Instructional DVDs

All our DVDs are on 1, instructions are in English. The DVDs are unlocked and in NTSC format which means they are playable worldwide without restrictions. 

Salsa Partnerwork Technique

by Dorota and Peter, 150 minutes


We cover every salsa element in detail and give you tips that will make the difference between an "ok" and a "great" leader and follower. With a very advanced attitude, we demonstrate techniques which you can use for your dancing no matter what your level. With our unique teaching method you will not only practice moves but also you will actually practice leading and following!


Also includes spin lessons and exercises and 11 intermediate/advanced on 1 combinations.


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Musicality Moves

by Peter Fige and Edie the Salsa Freak, 90 minutes


Imagine this: You and your partner step on the dance floor, the music starts. You both interpret the story of the song with your bodies. You picture the highlights of the piece, play with the music and with each other. Your style, your feeling in the dance, and your contrasting sharp, then soft accents, are all in perfect unity with the music...


All this does not require months of choreographing and rehearsing. In this groundbreaking salsa DVD Edie and Peter teaches you how to build up your dance to fit the "story" of the music. They explain the secrets to the structure of salsa, so that you can easily interpret the changes, hits, and breaks. You will learn over 30 different Musicality Moves, (solo moves for both men and women, and partner work moves) that will fit virtually ANY situation in the music.

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Fige's Figures

by Peter Fige and Edie, the Salsa Freak, 120 minutes


In this salsa DVD we demonstrate 20 fabulous salsa figures and combinations, each with its own story to tell. The moves are explained in both directions, Peter explains the lead, then Edie demonstrates styling for the ladies. She also gives priceless tips for the guys on what Peter is doing with his lead that makes it look and feel more comfortable for the follower.

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Cuban Moves

by Dorota and Peter Fige, 85 minutes


We demonstrate 20 Cuban Style Partnerwork combinations starting from intermediate ending almost at impossible. They are all leadable and they are all comfortable to you and your partner.


We break down every combination in unprecedented detail: we show you the difficult parts from different angles, we show you intricate changes in hand positions and how you should change your body positions to make the even craziest combinations work.

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Special Deal: All 4 DVDs

Treat yourself to all our DVDs for a reduced price and save 20 EUR! This package includes:

- Salsa Partnerwork Technique DVD

- Musicality Moves DVD

- Fige's Figures DVD

- Cuban Moves DVD


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