Salsa DVDs by Peter Fige and Dorota

We love teaching

and we constantly look for new ways to teach complicated techniques and skills in a clear, approachable way to our students. 


In our classes we always strive for that 'Aha!' moment, where the impossible becomes managable. We build our material, so that every step of the way is challanging, but doable. 


We condensed our many years of teaching experience in weekly classes and at salsa congresses into DVDs. Take a look at them in the store!

Our DVDs

are not about a bunch of combinations. 


Our DVDs are about improving your technique, your leading, your spins, your creativity and your musicality on the dance floor. 


We believe that improving the quality of your dancing will bring you much more fun on the dance floor, than just learning a few extra figures.


That said, we are not against learning figures: check out our Salsa Anywhere app which has 400 of those!


The Musicality DVD got me figured out why great dancers look so good on the dance floor. The greatest thing is the practicing part where you can endlessly practice on the music and easily look back to the figure. I have never seen this before. You have not only put Salsa to a new standard but also Salsa DVDs. Bouwe, Netherlands


I love your musicality DVD, I think everybody should buy it and take it's message to heart. I also think your patterns DVD with Edie is excellent. Great stuff! Don Baarns, Los Angeles


I have just finished watching the DVD and I have to say it is superb. I have been looking for something like this for a while now and I'm so glad I have this to help me move on to the next level with my dancing. Lee, UK


The musicality material is built up very logically. I've seen many teaching DVDs, but so far this is the best! Akos, Hungary


The Musicality DVD has changed the way I dance overnight. I no longer throw out lots of frantic moves and interpret the music better with some slow moves and contrast. It makes the experience nicer especially for the lady. Thanks again! Andy, UK


The dvd's are the best I ever have bought. It will certainly help me to be a better dancer. I can't wait to see the whole dvd and try this on the dancefloor ;-) Navin, Netherlands


I find your Musicality DVD is one of the best Salsa DVD I have bought for many reasons. It's clear, efficient, well structured and  it's the first and the only one about musicality. Moana, France